Machine Quilting Services                                   

   all prices are based on per square inch (psi)


  • Edge to Edge  

Choose from a large selection of all over designs                                        $ 0.01-0.02psi

Dependent on complexity and density

   Note: minimum charge is $40.00

  • All Over Designs with a separate Border:                                                  Add $20.00

Choose from one of our edge to edge designs for the

body of the quilt, then apply a separate border design

  • Custom Quilting: Priced in ranges

Quilting customized to your top, may include block designs,

Echo, background fills, Stitch in the Ditch                                                     $0.03-.06 psi

Minimum custom charge is $100.00

Custom light:  Light overall custom feathering. Blocks and border treatments may be treated individually. This will be an over lighter feeling than the medium custom.  Quilt may have more than one border treatment.

 SID not included @this level                                                      Custom light starts @ .03 psi

Medium custom: Individual patterns and designs chosen specifically to enhance your quilt top, more detailed quilting. Quilting may include echoing and light fill.

 SID not included @this level                                           Medium Custom starts @ $0.04 psi


Custom Plus: Denser quilting than custom, using a variety of techniques, echo, applique outline, freehand background fills, Stitch in the Ditch, customized borders and motifs.                                                                                                    Custom Plus starts @$0.06psi

Show or Heirloom quilting: including but not limited to, extensive stitch in the ditch, custom feathers, applique quilting, complex block designs, ruler work, and detailed background fillers, formal design elements that enhance each individual block and detail of the quilt top.

Quoted on an individual basis



Thread: All Machine Quilting Services require a flat $7.00 thread fee minimum, based on full size quilt.  Quilts larger than full size will be charged at $8.00 flat fee

Specialty Thread charge is $17.00-$30.00.

Please note the threads used to complete your quilt top are all of the highest quality,

Batting: I provide Hobbs Batting priced per yard.

Hobbs 80/20 96’wide @ $7.50 yd.: Hobbs 120” wide@ $9.00 yd.  Unbleached:

Hobbs 80/20 108’wide @8.50 yd Bleached

Hobbs 80/20 108’wide @8.50 yd Black

Hobbs Wool 108’ wide @ 18.00 yd.

Additional Thread information

Be assured that I am able to supply quality thread at a lower price in most cases than you could purchase and send to me for use.

How much thread to quilt your quilt?  These numbers were compiled and shared by Superior Threads they are averages only and numbers are for top thread only.  I have found them to be a good source of reference.

. . . . . . . Light Quilting . Medium Quilting . Heavy Quilting
Lap/Crib Size 200 yds. . . . . . .400 yds. . . . . . . 600 yds.
Twin Size 400 yds. . . . . . .800 yds. . . . . . .1,200 yds.
Queen Size 600 yds. . . . . 1,000 yds. . . . . . .1,600 yds.
King Size 800 yds. . . . . .1,400 yds. . . . . . .2,000 yds.


Additional Machine Quilting Services

  • Basting Service:

If you prefer to do your own quilting we can help you out by basting for you for .005 psi

Note Minimum charge is $30.00

  • Polyester quilts

I will be happy to quilt these for you, however all polyester quilts will require individual pricing

Preparing your Quilt

Please use the following guidelines to prepare your quilt prior to dropping off with me:

  • Quilt top and back should be pressed

  • All loose threads should be cut and threads trimmed

  • Backing fabric should be squared and measure 4” larger than your quilt top on all 4 sides.  Please keep top and backing fabric separate.

I will seam your back if necessary for an additional fee

Please feel free to call with questions!   I am happy to discuss your quilt top with you.

Debbie Tribble