444 Margrethe Rd

Kalispell, MT 59922

To whom it may concern:

Debbie Tribble has provided training at Quiltworx.com for our employees on two different occasions, regarding the use of our Statler/Gammill Quilting machine.  She has also been consistently available to our staff as an on-call resource and with her help and guidance, our company has successfully begun digitizing and designing our own quilting designs which are used for both our coversheet samples, marketing samples of our quilts, and also available for purchase on-line by our customers.

We would recommend Debbie’s teaching skills to both beginner and advanced quilters.  She is reliable, helpful, skilled, and capable of providing teaching and training associated with long-arm quilting.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Del or Judy Niemeyer at
Quiltworx  406-314-4340

Thank you,